Volunteer with AMAN

There are several ongoing programmes at AMAN where volunteers can offer their services.
These range from assisting AMAN colleagues in documentation, editing, secondary research at the AMAN office, to being part of primary research and field work being conducted in an urban or a rural area.  The exact nature of work responsibilities and duration of volunteership will be decided mutually between AMAN and the volunteer. We will reimburse incidental expenses like travel board and lodge costs incurred by the volunteer during implementation of our work.
Over years, many interns and volunteers from various regions have been at AMAN to study our work and how it has affected real lives. Along the way, they have helped AMAN by providing interesting research findings, experiences and so forth. They have made a valuable contribution to different programmes of AMAN, both at the field level and at the AMAN office. Below are the experiences of some of people who volunteered with AMAN.

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