Amanda Shah

'My time with AMAN was very fulfilling both personally and professionally. It enabled me to expand my knowledge and interests both geographically and thematically and the AMAN office itself is a supportive, friendly and stimulating environment to work in.' Amanda Shah volunteered as a researcher at AMAN between January and July 2006 whilst on sabbatical from her job as a researcher at the Immigration Advisory Service in London( Amanda holds a Masters degree in international human rights and human rights law from the University of London and has particular research interests in policy responses to migratory flows as well as refugee status determinations. She has previously worked at the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative ( ) and Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit ( ) as well as conducting consultancies for the Commonwealth Secretariat ( ).

Whilst at AMAN Amanda worked on a policy paper comparing how different countries have responded to the challenge of undocumented migration in the context of national and international human rights obligations. Her research used as its framework the policy cycle identified in the 2005 report 'Democracy, Citizens and Migrants: Nationalism in the era of Globalisation' produced by the Citizens' Campaign for Preserving Democracy. Amanda made policy suggestions on rights-based processes for the identification, immigration status assessment and deportation of suspected undocumented Bangladeshi migrants as well as problematising the 'keep them out' approach to immigration contol. Whilst at AMAN Amanda was also involved in the design of a multi-researcher programme of work to examine transborder migrations across India's borders.

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