Donors (Past and Present)

Association for India’s Development (2006-three month grant medical relief camp for the earthquake victims in Kashmir): Association for India's Development (AID) is a volunteer movement committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. In solidarity with non-violent people's struggles, AID supports grassroots organizations in India and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres such as education, livelihoods, natural resources, health, women's empowerment and social justice. To know more about Association for India's Development Click Here

Charities Aid Foundation: Established in New Delhi in 1998, CAF India is a registered public charitable trust and part of the CAF International network. CAF India manages companies' social investments, by identifying causes and charities to support and helps companies and high net worth individuals invest in their local communities strategically. At the forefront of this growing sector, CAF India is increasingly working with local charities through assisting them to create a greater impact. To know more about Charities Aid Foundation Click Here

European Commission for Humanitarian Organisation, through Action Aid (2003 Nov-April 2004): Through ECHO funding, some 18 million people are helped each year in more than 60 countries through 200 partners (NGOs, ICRC, and UN agencies like the UNHCR and the WFP). The Humanitarian Aid Office spends more than €500 million a year on financing humanitarian projects. This importance is due to the growth in the number of serious crises in the world and reflects the EU's willingness to take on a leading role in international humanitarian efforts. It is against this background that the European Community Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) was established in 1992. To know more about  European Commission for Humanitarian Organisation Click Here

Ford Foundation: Created by Edsel and Henry Ford, the Foundation is an independent organization, with its own board, and is entirely separate from the Ford Motor Company.The Ford Foundation is a resource for innovative people and institutions worldwide. Our goals are to: Strengthen democratic values, Reduce poverty and injustice, Promote international cooperation and Advance human achievement.They work mainly by making grants or loans that build knowledge and strengthen organizations and networks. To know moe about Ford Foundation Click Here

HIVOS: A fair, free and sustainable world – that is what Hivos, the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation, wants to contribute to. Together with local organisations in developing countries, Hivos strives for a world in which all citizens – both men and women – have equal access to resources and opportunities for development. To know more about Hivos Click Here

Indo Global Social Service Society: IGSSS’s mission is to raise and maintain itself as an organization committed to building a society for all based on the principles of truth, justice, freedom, equity and plurality in solidarity with the poor, marginalized & vulnerable sections of society such as dalits, tribals, minorities, women and children. To know more about IGSSS, Click Here

International Media Support (IMS): is a non-profit organisation working to support local media in countries affected by armed conflict, human insecurity and political transition. In more than 30 countries worldwide, IMS helps to strengthen professional journalism and ensure that media can operate in challenging circumstances. 

Institute of International Education: The Institute of International Education has been engaged with higher education in India for over 60 years and has had an office in New Delhi since 2005. To know more about IIE's work in South Asia Click Here

National Foundation for India: In 1992, a group of eminent citizens realised the importance of the voluntary sector in creating a more just society and formed The National Foundation for India (NFI), as a non-profit making charitable trust, which would raise funds and make grants to support social development. NFI has a mission to create a civil society where every Indian can be a Citizen and has the capacity and capability to live a life of dignity and self –respect in a just and equitable society. To know more about National Foundation of india Click Here

Oxfam (India) Trust: Oxfam works with others in fighting poverty and injustice around the world, through effective, appropriate and enduring solutions. They aim to tackle the root causes of poverty and develop lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice. To address this, Oxfam takes a rights-based approach to development. To know more about Oxfam India Trust Click Here

Public Affairs Centre (PAC): is a not for profit organization, established in 1994 that is dedicated to improving the quality of governance in India. The focus of PAC is primarily in areas where citizens and civil society organizations can play a proactive role in improving governance. In this regard, PAC undertakes and supports research, disseminates research findings, facilitates collective citizen action through awareness raising and capacity building activities, and provides advisory services to state and non-state agencies. The Public Affairs Centre is globally known for its pioneering Citizen Report Cards, benchmarking studies used to improve public services, as well as their work on electoral transparency, public works quality monitoring tools and approaches and the recently launched audits of the Right to Information Act and the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in India. To know more about PACS, Click Here

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation: The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation was established on 21 June 1991 to commemorate Rajiv Gandhi's vision for India. The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation aims to work in areas which were of deepest concern to Rajiv Gandhi and to act as a catalyst in promoting effective, practical and sustainable programmes in areas of national development. The Foundation has established its presence in virtually all the states and union territories of India, and launched programmes and activities in all our areas of concentration. To know more about Rajiv Gandhi Foundation Click Here

The Hunger Project: The Hunger Project was founded in 1977, in the wake of the rising debate on world hunger triggered by the first Rome World Food Conference.Rather than simply being another relief organization, The Hunger Project was created as a strategic organization. Over the years, The Hunger Project has reinvented itself time and again to meet each challenge along the path of ending hunger. To know more about Hunger Progect, Click Here

TIDES Foundation: Since 1976, Tides Foundation has worked with donors committed to positive social change. We put resources and people together - strengthening community - based nonprofit organizations and the progressive movement through innovative grantmaking. To know more about Tides Foundation Click Here 

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