Amanda Shah

'My time with AMAN was very fulfilling both personally and professionally. It enabled me to expand my knowledge and interests both geographically and thematically and the AMAN office itself is a supportive, friendly and stimulating environment to work in.'


Nell Hawley

My experience as an unpaid intern at Aman Public Charitable Trust was challenging and satisfying in many unexpected ways. As the youngest, the only non-Indian, and practically the only worker without a degree in sociology, I felt completely at sea when I arrived. When I joined the Peaceful Co-existence Portfolio, however, I began to work on my own projects: I wrote a report of Aman’s Peaceful Co-existence Conference, which I attended, followed by my own research project on Rachel Corrie and the issues surrounding her death in Rafah.


Aditi Saraf

I interned with Aman during June-July 2009 in order to conduct research in Srinagar on the figure of the Muslim ‘half-widow’ in Kashmir to see how she fits into existing discourses of gender, community and the state.  The term half-widow refers to women whose husbands have disappeared, in the context of the ongoing conflict, but have not been confirmed dead.


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